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In the past year, American Latino Media has been working on a social and professional networking platform designed to meet the needs of the growing English speaking Hispanic and Latino community in the United States.  The first fruit of this effort was released in November 2010.

The beta version of contains five editorial sections, community blog, community forum, classified advertising, business directory and job board.  The main focus today is on content creation, development and refinement of the portal’s design and functionality.  As a result, American Latino Media invites serious editorial content (Writers) contributors who would like to become part of the company’s growth and take ownership of’s editorial section.  American Latino Media also welcomes the adventuresome souls in the Hispanic and Latino Blogosphere to beta test and provide feedback.

What and Why mission is to empower its users by bringing up meaningful dialogue and provide insight about the Hispanic and Latino experience in the United States on topics that yield an understanding of social, political and economic developments that affect Americans of Hispanic and Latino origin. platform intends to deliver a singular voice unique to all US Hispanics.  The site allows members to express opinions and report on current events that shape the fabric of the community.  It is during this process hopes to provide insight to the general public and highlight Hispanic contributions to American society.

Core Features:

1- Five Editorial sections focused on topics of keen interest Hispanics: Culture and Identity; Education; Politics; Arts and Entertainment; Business and Technology.  Editorial sections are limited to registered experienced and aspiring writer members.

2- Blog: Open to all registered members interested in sharing their ideas and opinion about topics that matter. 

3- Community Forum:  Open to all registered members.  Picture it as “target tweeting”.  You are targeting a like minded audience.  

4- Business/ Service Directory: Business directory where members meet to find products and services they need.  We invite all business to post basic business listings for FREE.*  

5- Classified Marketplace. All users can post free text classified ads

6 – Job Board.  At this stage, we encourage all users to open their account and post a resume for free as embarks on signing new advertising partners. 

If you are interested on becoming a member of our elite editorial team, Please contact for details

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