What is an American Latino?

07/11/10 0 COMMENTS

The US Hispanic and Latino population segment is evolving as the growth of US born Hispanics takes its course.   Second, third and fourth generation Hispanics and Latinos are are on the rise and so is the ease of switching from one culture to another.   Assimilation and acculturation conditions may also diminish any divisive cultural barriers normally found within the foreign born Hispanic and Latino segment.  As a result, we are already experiencing a rise of an American Latino culture as more Hispanics and Latinos; regardless of what Latin American country of origin; view themselves as one group in the eyes of others, including non Hispanic and Latino contemporaries.

The American Latino breaks racial, ethnic, cultural and religious barriers to form one single voice as diverse as the so called Anglo and Latin American worlds.   He/ she is an emerging American who happens to retain strong moral and cultural values from his/ her ancestors.   For this reason, I believe that the perception of what it is to be Hispanic/ Latino today will change considerably in the next few decades.

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