About Us

American Latino Media is a digital media company focused on reaching the US Hispanic and Latino market.  We seek to understand how US Latino community developments are shaping social, political and economic events and how such developments contribute to American society to deliver the best marketing and advertising solutions to our clients.

With 70 percent of Hispanic consumers self-defining themselves as bicultural, language ends up playing a secondary role. Cultural relevance is the key.  Bicultural Latinos live in both worlds; they switch from one culture to another, the same with language. Shouldn’t your strategy live in both worlds, too?

The digital media space is growing faster, providing empowerment to our segment, and allowing content creation that is relevant both from a culture and a language standpoint.  As the population grows and matures, the English language will remain the conduit for cultural and identity expression between both worlds.

American Latino Media employs a holistic approach when targeting the Hispanic and Latino segment.  We approach Hispanics and Latinos as a whole, making it much easier for both, North American and Latin American businesses reap the benefits of effective and efficient communication techniques.

Our online publications facilitate an understanding of the social, political, economic, physical and psychological conditions that shape attitudinal trends in the US Hispanic and Latino population segment.  Businesses and consumers can place FREE Business Listings and Classified ads on our first online beta site http://www.americanlatino.com

Our marketing and advertising solutions include social media strategy, e-marketing communications (newsletters, press releases, e-mail marketing), social Media, advertising strategy, market research and web design, web marketing and development.

We leverage our strong leadership team, consisting of serial entrepreneurs and skilled professionals, to deliver a superior experience to our clients.

For information about our service please contact us Toll Free: 1-800-573-7680

American Latino Media, LLC, is a company authorized in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Neither the company nor this website is affiliated with: American Latino TV, americanlatino.tv, the American Latino Awards, or the American Latino clothing line of Lous R. Valentino.